New Internet Prices

We have decided to bring our Internet prices down even further. As of today our ADSL/VDSL services are available at ground breaking competitive prices.

Here is a table of our new internet pricing scheme:

Speed (Download) Speed (Upload) Price (Excluding VAT)
2’000Kbps 200 Kbps 36.99chf
10’000Kbps 1’000 Kbps 44.99chf
20’000Kbps 2’000 Kbps 63.99chf
30’000Kbps 3’000 Kbps 80.99chf
40’000Kbps 4’000 Kbps 87.99chf
50’000Kbps 5’000 Kbps 90.99chf
80’000Kbps 8’000 Kbps 99.99chf
100’000Kbps 10’000 Kbps 118.99chf

Don’t hesitate to visit our website for more information: (Page not updated to these prices yet)