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Boxis Business Starter Pack

Boxis helps new businesses by offering a Business Starter Pack which is only available by contacting us directly by telephone or in person. The Business Starter Pack includes:

– Three Telephone Lines (VoIP) so that your business can communicate and be contacted by your clients. Furthermore, you can call between the three telephone lines for free, thus allowing telephone conferences. Continue reading “Boxis Business Starter Pack” »

Boxis Geographical numbers

When you get a telephone number from Boxis, you can choose your geographic number between 40 countries in the world. What this means is that you can have, for example, a number from Russia in Switzerland which would allow you to call Russian lines at local prices (if you have an individual or premium VoIP subscription) or you can call at no cost other than that of your original subscription (if you have an ultimate VoIP subscription). Continue reading “Boxis Geographical numbers” »

Why Choose Boxis?

Here are five good reasons why you should choose Boxis as your Internet Service Provider.

The Price:

We offer high quality telecommunications services at very competitive prices. You will be surprised by the savings that you will make each month!

Our Services:

We offer services which are adaptable and flexible to suit your needs. You choose when, where and what. Continue reading “Why Choose Boxis?” »

Boxis Hosted Exchange 2013 service available in February!

As of February, Boxis will be providing a service called Hosted Exchange (2013) which allows businesses and individuals to host their data on trustworthy servers and access it no matter where they are. In this way, the Boxis Hosted Exchange 2013 service allows you to be more effective as you can access your emails, address book, calendars and many other Continue reading “Boxis Hosted Exchange 2013 service available in February!” »