Server Hosting and Web Hosting technical details

Due to a rising demand in information concerning our Server and Web Hosting technical details, here is are two lists concerning this information:

Boxis Cloud Server Hosting Technical details: 

Traffic limit: up to 700.00 GB per month
Server location: Lausanne (Crissier) (GeoIP: Switzerland )
Available bandwidth: up to 1000.00 MBit
Support IPv4: Yes
Support IPv6: Yes
Operating System: Linux/UNIX or Windows
Processor: up to 8.4 GHz dedicated cpu
RAM: up to 13.00 GB

Max. Instances: 1 (per physical server)


Boxis Web Hosting Technical details:

Traffic limit: without

Server location: Lausanne (Crissier) (GeoIP: Switzerland  )

E-Mail: 1 Mail accounts

– E-Mail aliases 
– Webmail
– Databases: 1x MySQL 
– Dedicated IP  
– Domain Aliases 
– Third Level Domains 
– PHP 
– Perl 
– ColdFusion 
– Active Server Pages (ASP) 
– MS FrontPage 
– Servlet Container  
– Ruby 
– Server Side Included
– FTP access 
– SSH access 
– Statistics 
– Daily Backup 
– Green Hosting